Scheduling appointments

Please allow 3-5 days in advance to schedule your appointment. Best way to schedule your appointment is via Lash Bar website Pre-booking your next appointment before your leave the salon is highly recommended to ensure appointment availability.

“If you are delayed in your arrival, please remember that your service will end at its original time.”

No children or animals in treatment areas

We use sharp implements during service as well as chemicals that children not to be around. It is a liability and we cannot be held responsible for a child’s safety while we’re working. Children also can be distracting for the technicians who is using sharp surgical tweezers at dangerous proximity to the eye of the client.

Cancellation policy

We kindly ask to give us 24h notice if re-scheduling or cancellation is required so we can schedule another customer.

On the day cancellation or no shows

45% cancellation fee will be charged for on the day cancelation or no-show.

Client referrals

Every new client who schedules full set and mentions your name will get priority booking and credit of $20 will be given towards your next appointment to thank you for a referral.


We appreciate your feedback as we thrive to provide quality service. If you like it – share it ;-) We would LOVE your selfies with #lashbarbondi, your check-ins @lashbarsydney on facebook and reviews on Google account. We are in Facebook Instagram #lashbarbondi Google Yelp Redfrog Foursquare.

But what happens if you didn’t like the result?

Step 1 : Contact us via text or email and describe what result were you after and how is it different to what we have provided. We will ask you to come back and discuss if it is possible to meet the desired expectation and how it can be achieved. Possible remedy might include a removal, re-style or a touch up. It is important to us to understand customer’s demands and expectations and how to achieve the positive result. We reserve the right to refuse the service due to unreasonable demand or expectation or bullying behaviour.

How to get the most bang for your buck?

1. Try to arrive on time so we can get straight to it.

2. Please remove all eyemake up prior to the appointment Your lashes will be cleaned anyway from dust and skin sebum but make up takes much longer to clean. What happens if lashes are not super-clean? We must remove anything that might cover the lash shaft : dust , skin oil, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, moisturising cream, sunscreen, .ect . Otherwise glue will simply won’t stick. As there will be a film of the above matter and as a result lash extension will slide off of the lash shaft. Basically the cleaner the lash the longer extensions will last.

3. Try not to talk to your therapist or on the phone as facial movement will slow down the process. Eyelash extensions is the precision based application, the more still you stay the better set you will get at the end.

4. Try not to wet your eyelashes first night after the application.

5. Make sure to clean your lashes(skip first day ONLY) and particularly skin BETWEEN the lashes every night with lash shampoo or micellar water and a clean make up brush. That will prevent build up of oils and will prolong your extensions wear.

6. Re-book in advance to prevent last minute panic before that important date ;-)

Terms and Conditions